It is widely believed that motion capture is reserved for high budget productions and triple A titles.

We think different.

We are determined to provide motion capture technology to small studios, indie developers and freelancers.
Our very first motion project was creating a video mapping on a moving, physical model and since that moment a lot has changed.

The experienced gained through years of intense work & devolopement of motion control solutions made us ready to officialy open our lab.

We are ready to serve.

Motion Capture Sessions

We can bring the system to your place or you can easily book a session
in our studio in Warsaw. We offer flat rates for a half or a full-day session. We can also provide you with some stunts, props or any other dedicated tools needed to deliver your project.


We offer motion editing and animation, 
Throughout the years we have been creating a library with assets for animation and gaming. Perhaps, something you are searching for is already there waiting for you.

Remote Sessions

If you are in need of a quick session or simply don’t want to spend time on traveling to our studio, we can set up a video conference session. Afterwards, video notes, motion data and recorded audio tracks will be uploaded to a cloud, so you could easily access them.

Motion control

Our first motion capture projects were delivered for stage performance. Moving platforms, dollys, stage kinetics and tracked scenography
is something we have been building for a few years now. Today we are more than happy to share our insights for the sake of your project.

Scientific Research

OptiTrack is a tool of high usability that ensures maximum precision. Such biomechanically relevant motion capture data can be later used for scientific research across different platforms.

Motion Capture for VR

Our studio is developing VR experiences integrated with mocap.
Such combination of technologies creates a unique level of immersion.
If you are a VR dev interested in implementing mocap into your project, feel free to contact us.

White Kanga is a dynamically developing environment – a blend of
developers & experienced producers gathered under one roof.
We believe that innovation happens when different
disciplines integrate and this is something we want to initiate.

white kanga

ul. Andrutowa 15
02-969 Warszawa
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